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Biological Filtration Mechanisms: 
Exploring nature's diversity  for bioinspired design

Bioinspiration (including biomimetics and biomimicry) develops novel materials, devices, and applications inspired by biological structures and strategies. However, the main obstacle preventing this field from achieving its goals derives from differences in tools, practices and viewpoints of its practitioners.


The EU-funded Nature4Nature project brings biologists, engineers, designers and manufacturers together to deliver early-stage researchers (ESRs) teaching in a learning environment that connects the inspiration, integration and implementation aspects of the bioinspiration process to undertake the conceptual, methodological and practical challenges.


To do so, the project will collectively focus on biological filtration mechanisms to explore, test and design high-throughput, clog-resisting filtration systems, which could ultimately alleviate the current problems facing aquatic environments.

Sea Pollution
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