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Network -Wide Training Events


Introductory Training Module 1 
Biodiversifying bioinspiration: assessing biodiversity for bioinspired design

The “Bioinspire-Muséum” of beneficiary MNHN will organise an initial two-week ITM that provides an engaging introductory training on the (untapped) potential of biodiversity for bioinspiration. ITM1 includes a diversity of courses and practical sessions that focus on (1) the current tools used to find biological solutions and their limitations, (2) comparing methods to derive morphological information from biological systems (e.g., 3D digitization including micro-computed tomography) and the role that natural history museums play in obtaining and dissemination this information and (3) the fundamental aspects of evolutionary biology including the promises and constraints of the process of natural selection, and how these affect current bioinspired thinking. ITM1 will equip DCs, regardless of scientific background, with the necessary biological and evolutionary tools that will assist them in facilitating the formulation of technological solutions based on functional relationships in nature. Courses and practical sessions will be provided by beneficiaries MNHN, UAntwerpen-FM, SU, THD and associated partner BiomimicryNL.

Lighthouse in Brittany

Week 1 Concarneau 

Brittany, France

19/02 - 23/02/2024

Eiffel Tower Paris

Week 2


Paris, France

 26/02 - 1/03/2024

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